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About Us

Executive Summary
Vision Sports Academy CIC (VSA) is a Birmingham based sports coaching social enterprise, more specifically a community interest company which tackles social objectives & reinvests profits back into the community.
The social enterprise works in a multitude of ways, firstly, it collaborates with Primary & Secondary Schools, delivering Community Project Workshops, providing PE Curriculum and Extra-Curricular Activities to improve sporting results offering pupils the platform to achieve.  Secondly, we look to increase overall participation & social interaction of young people in sport by provisioning Coaching Centres across the West Midlands which also operate through half-term and the summer holidays.  Finally, we train unemployed young people to become sports coaches and harness potential future talent i.e. 'the coaches of tomorrow'.
Our aim is to help children become more active and healthier, improving their overall understanding of nutritional values & a healthy lifestyle.  We envision children taking their knowledge home to share with parents and promote healthy eating amongst families and the wider community.  We also want to improve sporting technique, skill, fitness as well as encouraging team values and social etiquette in young people.  In addition to this it is of major importance that we provide young people with the opportunity to have greater accessibility to a wider range of sports.

Social Mission
VSA touches on a diverse number of social issues as opposed to focussing on any one in particular.  We aim to create a healthy nation therefore decreasing obesity prevalence in young people primarily but also looking to promote healthy lifestyles within adults.  Lowering the NHS bill and in effect the burden on the taxpayer is of major importance and we believe increasing nutritional awareness will support this.
We want to lower unemployment levels (predominantly the 16-24 year old age bracket) increase the skill set of people currently not in work by developing them as ‘coaches of the future’ through a combination of accredited national governing body training and on-the-job experience.  As an organisation, we feel that harnessing potential talent by upskilling and offering a more rounded work experience to enable individuals to put the training into practice will provide the best opportunity for them and reduce the unemployment register accordingly.
Finally, we wish to tackle the ever deteriorating poverty level, not only in Birmingham but in the UK as a whole.  The levels of poverty in Birmingham are higher than nearly every other UK city.  Our Coaching Centres provide parents with a high class technical service for their children, a hub for developing healthy lifestyles and most importantly this is all offered at what is effectively 'affordable childcare' during out of school time (including half term/summer holidays).
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